A Former Teacher Takes Broadmoor on a Journey Through Time


Broadmoor resident Dottie Piet is a former teacher, a talented musician, and most recently a tour guide through time. Her natural thirst for knowledge has led her on an exploration where she has rediscovered the untold stories of our nation’s history. Now, as only a teacher can, she is sharing those stories with residents at The Broadmoor.
Dottie’s storytelling is contagious, and it has quickly become one of the center’s most popular features. You can always tell when the “lecture” is about to begin by the large crowd that assembles in boisterous anticipation.
Recently, The Tusla World and Oklahoma’s Own News On 6 showcased Dottie and her magnificent performances. You can read the news story here and watch the news report here. It doesn’t take a Dottie to explain why The Broadmoor is quickly becoming the place to be – in any time!"